The crew


Captain of S/V Amie was born in Karlstad a February day in 1981. Daniel is a restless soul who likes spontaneous adventure and who easily get bored when things get too routine. His experience of sailing is limited, however he grew up on a motorboat. Barefoot at every opportunity, believe in the freedom of the individual and personal development in the encounter with other cultures and people. He is mostly a happy and positive person with great curiosity. Very intrigued by our nature and try to pet all kind of animals that come in his way. Dream to see the entire world by sailing the seven seas.

Favorite Quote: ” Nothing endures but change ”


The mate on the S / V Amie was born in November 1985. Is a very natural and fuzzy girl who lives in the present. She is brave, like new challenges and easily become unhappy with too many routines. Take each day as it comes and believe just like her husband in the free individual and a life outside of the box. She is dreaming of turquoise waters and remote atolls. Previous experience of sailing is very limited; she set foot on a boat for the first time in 2010. She hopes to see as much as possible of our planet and meet many interesting people.

Favorite quote “Life is too short to have second thoughts”


The sailor on the S / V Amie was born in June 2016 during the full moon and the summer solstice. Pelle is a curious boy who loves to lie in the cockpit and watch the sky. Pelle patterned on at two weeks of age and are constantly trying to mutiny against the captain. He hopes to meet many boat kids to explore continents visited. He hopes to be able to do it with a sibling.

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