A trip to Orust

The end of summer and this means boatshow in Ellös, Orust Öppet Varv at Hallberg-rassy yachts.

Looking forward to meet with the sailing community and to see beautiful boats in their element.

The weather isn’t in it’s best mood but we have high hopes for the day to turn in to bright sunshine as it was last year.

We will take some pictures of our day and share in this post as the day goes by.

Rainy start..

Turned out to be a perfect day, lots of fun and nice boats. Met S/Y Anna Lisa the family of four from Skanör who just recently returned from a 15 months long sail to the Caribbean and back. Such a lovely couple, they shared of advices with us. So thankful and more eager to get on moving.

Some pictures from today starting att Ellös..

Me and Pelle

A 64″ Hallberg-rassy from Jersey for sale.. Didn’t bother to check the price tag.

Yaghan, a Swedish Hallberg-rassy 62 boat that has sailed around the world via the Antarctica with her former owners Arne and Helen their YouTube channel is here.

Then we went on to Marstrand..

Picture taken from the dock, we werd waiting for the cable fairy to take us to Ko ön (cow island) where the Marstrand Boatshow is held this weekend.

The cable fairy “Lasse-Maja”

The two boats we’ve been hoping to see for so long.. Garcia 45 and Allures 39. Such lovely boats.. Missed the legendary Mr Jimmy Cornell, he was busy signing his new book..

Lagoon catamarans, mighty feeling of smallness standing beside those giants.

The last view of the docks, a perfect ending of a perfect day.


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