The big picture 

For 6 long weeks we have been doing a major engine change in home and sailboat… 

For 6 long weeks we have been doing a major engine change in home and sailboat… 

 Half of the time we’ve been put on hold due to some bad communication with our local Volvo service provider, vut that’s a whole other story. 

Yesterday was the D day, we have an engine that purrs like a cat and everything was bright as the suns rays from the clear blue skies. So we went of to buy the groceries needed for some days out on the water and we felt like we just won the jackpot on the greatest lottery of life. 

Daniel has really put his soul into this project, and made all the replacement by himself except for some two man work that we’ve been having some great help from family and some locals from the marina doing. I admire his knowledge and ability to find solutions for the problems encountered along the way. 

So yesterday when we were abot to take off and turned the trottle into forward and nothing, NOTHING happened, my heart broke. It felt like our entire world broke. 

Living on a boat is sometimes challenging, and doing a engine change or some other major work is a big challenge, now that we finally saw the light in the tunnel we recalled the exhaustion we both feel and how lovely it would be to set sails abd leave the dock for some days. 

Today we are sober and realize that we won’t sail with Amie for another couple of weeks maybe a month, our next move is to lift her and take a look at the gear and propeller. 

Lots of affirmations on my mind now to stop me from quitting on this journey. 

“we are at the right place at rhe right time” 

“all that happens is for a reason, se the bigger picture” 

“I am so happy and thankful now that I am sailing the world with my family” 

“I live in a body, I’m I’m not a body” 

I like to think that this kind of thinking attracts good fortune and better days to come, I’m not a super human, yesterday the tears flooded and my thoughts were all of a darker kind but it doesn’t help us to stay in that mood. 

So we dust ourselves of and keep on moving towards our dreams. 

Love to you all! 


2 thoughts on “The big picture 

    1. Yes, we sure hope it’s something easy to fix. The good thing is that we needed to change the bellows of the gear house sooner than later so we will do this now. Thanks for the peptalk!


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