Back on track… Or almost

Already midsummer and no working engine in the boat.


Already midsummer and no working engine in the boat.

Last Thursday we went to Kinna in south of Sweden to get our new (better used) engine. Almost the exact same as the one we have in our boat today, why complicate it? Hopefully it will be an easy operation to swap. The engine stands at the dock and waits to be prepared for the boat and I’m working in the engine room to make the old engine ready to be lifted out of the boat. The plan for now is to do the swap sometime next week, it would be nice to do some sailing next weekend.

Then we must take action to get finished with all the things that needs to be repaired. Like the electrics to the mast and the solar panels. Some leaking hatches and hundreds of other small projects, it never ends. You can be certain of one thing on a boat and that is the fact to not run out of jobs, so if you are a restless soul go ahead and buy a boat.

Yesterday we went to Örebro, 100 kilometers east to pick up an outboard engine for the dinghy. A small 4 horsepower Yamaha with integrated fuel tank. A little too small, but it will do for now. The dinghy is only 2,2 meter / 7,2 feet long so it will hopefully go alright.

It’s been one week since we welcomed our new toilet in to the family, and it has been acting really well. We are already in love… read more about it in the last blog post . We will do a longer post about it later when we have been using it for a while.

Tomorrow is going to be a traditional Swedish midsummer celebration at dry land. I don’t know if this is a tradition outside Scandinavia, but it has it’s root in the pagan traditions and is a celebration of the summer solstice. We dance around the maypole which we prepare with flowers and birch twigs and we eat a whole lot of herring and potatoes with sour cream and herbs. Later at the evening we will have some barbecue and a couple of beers at my brothers house.

We are meeting and connecting with more and more people that are chasing their dream and gives up the “rat race”, It is really inspiring us to go on and live our truth and proceed with our project. Some days it’s really hard to go on and believe in what we are doing because of all the conditioning about how we are supposed to be living, but we are pretty sure we are doing the right thing and follow our hearts.

We hope we do inspire others to follow their dreams and hearts too. We can’t keep living for the weekends, things to buy and money to spend… We need to slow down and think about what really means something to us, not just go on and on forever, we don’t have forever. We need to take care of our self and our loved ones. Money does not rule the world, we need to realize that it is the people (we) that does.

Peace and Love


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