Too long till summer… 


It should have been a long and nice post about how we’ve started to work with the boat, but sadly we haven’t got nor the time or the energy to do so this past week.

We have our mind set on the boat show this Saturday and we will get back to you with some nice pictures and some juicy stuff about the Swedish-croatian built More 55.

Hopefully we get motivated to begin the work next week. We really need to get started now, because the plan is to launch her at 29th of April.

The Boat show is like a tradition to us nowadays, I think it’s the 7th year in a row we are attending. We just can’t reconcile with not to go, it’s really what keeps us alive during the winter season. There were nearly 65000 visitors 2016, so I think there are many people just like us, who wants the summer to come early this time of year.

We have a sort of premiere this time, it’s the first boat show with our baby boy. He is truly a curious little boy that’s seeks adventure already and he is going to love to watch all the boats and pull in everything he gets his hands on. He already started practicing on his knot techniques. (LOL)

Link to Gothenburg Boat Show

Next year our goal is to visit the Düsseldorf boat Show. It’s the world’s largest boat show, 17 halls and a total of 90365 sqm (8395 kvm). This year 240200 visitors came to “Boot-Düsseldorf”.

Next winter we intend to be located below 50 degrees north without Long Johns 😉 Sweden is a beautiful country with it’s four seasons, but you get tired of the cold and dark winters up here. We hope that all of you come to visit our beautiful country if you have the opportunity.






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