Purpose With Life

Is there something more to life than working, eating and watching TV? We truly think there is. Happiness is not a feeling, it’s something you decide to be.

Does more things make you happy ? What is the meaning with consumer society, except that a lot of companies earns a lot of money and the government has control over you? What is the price tag on the environmental sustainability?

A typical day in many lifes. Wake up early, read a mainstream newspaper, go to work for at least eight hours, go home eat and watch some telly and finally sleep for a couple of hours. We spend about 60% of our time awake at work and we spend about 11 years in front of the telly.

I don’t say that it’s something wrong with that, we do this as well sometimes but we all have a choice of what to do with our lives. But so many speaks about all the things they would like to do and yet they don’t pursue and go after it, there is so many dreams that will just stay dreams.

Why don’t we live our dreams? The “Comfort zone” is a huge step to conquer as well as the society’s implementation that we can’t do certain things. But the master of this betrayal is our own mind, you need to acknowledge that you are the master of yourself and that the mind is only a tool for you to use.  As Bob Proctor expresses “I’m not a body I live in a body” This refers to us being a soul with a body and a mind, we are not machines.

Everything is possible. The potential is unlimited to what we can achieve with the right mindset. You just need to decide to live your dreams and not to dream your life. Don’t settle for mediocrity, go for what your heart tells you to do.

The meaning with our lives, as we see it, is to keep on learning and developing ourselves and helping others to do so in this lifelong adventure we live in. In our soon to be, ten years as a couple we have grown mentally and spiritually. Starting out as a search for healthy living in late -09 and evolving to a belief that the society was heading onwards an inhumanism, leading to illness for thousands of people all over the world and now ending up with the conclusion about the topic written in this blog post

Right now we are waiting for spring, so we can get our beloved boat in the water. We are attending to live on her over the summer and maybe we don’t go back to living on land. Hopefully we find ourselves in a warmer place next winter…

Not so much of a boat post but we are still in “winter mode” and can’t seem to find the inspiration for that just yet 🙂 On the 11th of February we’ll be visiting the boat show in Gothenburg, looking forward to check out all new features and things we need for our up-coming adventures.

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Have a wonderful week!

Daniel & Marica

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