Boatshow and Summer Longing


Soon  it´s time for “Båtmässan” The Gothenburg Boatshow, FINALLY! Then it´s only a couple of months to spring. 

“Båtmässan” is a sure sign that spring is about to come, the highlight of the winter and a huge inspiration to start this year’s preseason maintenance. When the Boat Show is over, it is soon time to launch. We have a lot of work to be done on Amie this season, there for it is most needed to have a good dose of spring feeling.

Some things we need to get done:

-Replace all the hoses to the toilet, to build suction drainage to septic tank and           replacing various other hoses.

-Over look the various faults on the electric system.

– Install the new fixed VHF.

-Replacing all halyards.

-Replacing the seals on some hatchets.

… Yes the list goes on, to this all boaters surely can testify.

It will be really nice when spring sets in, when the sun stays up a little longer each day and begins to warm. This morning when I woke up it was -7 ° C (19F). This winter has been dark and gloomy with rainy days and no freeze, which is worse than snow and ice. Thank God for Youtube, so we can enjoy sailing, sun and white beaches all year round.

I humbly apologize that the blog has been neglected this winter. We have chosen to focus on getting our company that we started in December up and running. The idea now is that we post a new blog post every Tuesday Umt +1.

The blog will be about us as a family and a lot of boats, mainly about Amie. Indeed of most aspects of our life as a family at sea and our journey approaching the seven seas.


XoX Daniel

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