Learning by doing and itchy gums

Today has been a long day, woke up early this morning 3.50am to have a call from my coach in Australia. You see I’ve decided to take a course in how to make money on the internet. This far I’m good and I’ve got a few reminders of how to think when you are about to start a new business, and of course I learned a bit new too. 

Maybe you want to know more about the stuffs going on here?  Please stay tuned and I  promise to let you know more  further on. 

I just need to figure some more things out for my self first 😇

Tomorrow it’s time for Pelle to visit our local child health center to get measured and weight check, this little creature is turning 5 months this Sunday ❤️ He just got his first two teeths, as you can see in the not so lovely picture above 😁 So it’s a bit risky to be breastfeeding nowadays 😌

Hope you are having a great Tuesday! 



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